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Wildlife & Safari in Brazil

Pack your bags! It’s time to go on an unforgettable South American Safari in the Pantanal!

Treks in Colombia

Discover Colombia's best hikes and expeditions with our expert guides!

Video Production in Latin America

Let us show you the most picturesque places in Latin America!

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Aventure Colombia

From the ‘must-see’ destinations to epic wild adventures, Aventure Colombia offers more than just trips; we give you life-changing experiences! Whether you want a 3-hour tour around of Colombia’s exciting cities, a day trip to a coffee farm, or a full two-week tour to explore it all, we’ve got something for everyone. Our dedicated, multicultural team is passionate about crafting exciting, tailor-made journeys that respect local communities and the environment. Get to know the unknown and book your next Colombian adventure now!  

Pantanal Wild

Pack your bags! It’s time to go on an unforgettable South American Safari in the Pantanal! From bird watching to horseback riding, jaguar trekking, family, and photo safaris, there’s something for everyone. Our team has explored every corner of this region of Brazil, so we promise you a safe and adventurous journey you can’t get anywhere else. Visit our website, get inspired, and start planning your next trip! Every journey is customizable and our local guides will work with you to create a trip of a lifetime! 

Trekking Colombia

Are you a nature lover? Have you always wanted to explore one of the most biodiverse countries in the world? Discover Colombia’s best hikes and expeditions by venturing off the beaten track with Trekking Colombia’s expert guides. Visit the Lost City, Los Nevados National Park, the Mavecure Hills, and more. Encounter jungles, waterfalls, animals in their natural habitat, and indigenous communities while being one with nature for a few days. Don’t wait to take your trip of a lifetime. Come explore with us!

America Salvaje

Are you a photographer or videographer? Are you itching to take your skills to new places full of beautiful nature and biodiversity, but you don´t want to organize the whole thing yourself? Lucky for you, we´re here to do it all for you! Tell us where you want to go, and we will figure out how to get you there, set you up with transportation, accommodation, and any necessary equipment. If you aren´t sure exactly what region you want to go to, no problem, we´ll give you some suggestions! We have contacts across the continent to make all your creative dreams come true. Latin America is waiting for you to capture it!

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